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He guys, this is my firt journal entry and also a shameless advertisment for the studio we just founded.

Airborn Studios is a small outsource art studio for games, ads and films based in Berlin. We joined as collaborative freelancers, working on our own or as a team with variable and therefore flexible sizes.
We are currently working on our own small production in the airborn universe, but are also working for a couple of clients on various projects right now.

You can find a broad selection of works on our freshly updated gallerey here at deviantart:…

there are still a few things to fix, but i think you can get a nice overview of what we can offer to your production, for everyone else - i hope you enjoy our work :)


will air where we will have some of those works in extra large sizes

Also if there are any questions you have, stuff you want to know more about, just shoot


stay tuned